Cheapmunks: Dispute over use of band name

Although the music industry of Pakistan is passing through its very dead phase but one thing which keeps it alive is the news of bands getting disintegrated every now and then. And this problem is not just limited to mainstream bands but even underground bands are falling out in pretty ugly ways. The latest in the series is Cheapmunks which might not be a much known band but they have been one of the recent Youtube hit, getting viral on internet and even their Facebook page has got around about 70k likes.

Anyway the recent buzz is the news about the fall out between the guitarists of the band Hamza Quddusi, Danyal Pervaiz and the lead singers of the band Mehak and Suhana Baloch.

As much as we know, this battle has been getting really ugly with both the parties drawn at loggerheads and hurling some serious allegations at each other.

Suhana, one of the lead singer, claims that Cheapmunks’ guitarists (Hamza Qadoosi and Danyal Pervaiz) are using Cheapmunks name to spread lies, advocate false claims and promote their own work.

She said:

“Our cheapmunks page was hacked by our guitarists (Hamza Qadoosi and Danyal Pervaiz) and they’re using it to spread lies, advocate false claims and promote their own work. We’ve been trying to get people to understand that the Cheapmunks are not coming back but no one seems to be listening and our efforts have been muted by Hamza’s claims.”

She even asked the people to report Cheapmunk’s Facebook page.

On the other side, Hamza one of the guitarist of the band says,

“Suhana and Mehak were always in the front because they were singers, but they were never the ones who run the band and took the band to the level where it was before they disbanded. Suhana kept using the facebook page for her personal reasons and the company she worked for PHEGENCY, she kept posting marketing stuff about that, but we weren’t allowed to use it”

Also the guitarist duo claims that the page somehow got hacked and then they had to hack it back and since then the page is under their control.

“She kept asking me for the page or to make her the admin, so its not like she didn’t know that we owned the page, right now just because they are fading out and they know that new girls will come and replace them so they are feeling insecure, I always invited them to come and do something together but they left the band themselves and never joined hands with us, though I asked them a billion times, so its not my fault that I want to move on making music for our fans.”

Although there is no end to these types of petty fights but this is what both the parties have to say on the issue and it’s for the fans to decide what the truth is, which as in all such cases, is pretty hard to find out.