Founding Members of Vital Signs Get Together After Years | Naya Pakistan Promo

January 30, 2013

So there is something big cooking up in a studio of Karachi these days. And this is certainly going to be huge once it gets out of the stores.

It is reported that some of the musical legends of our industry namely Salman Ahmad, Shahi Hasan, Nusrat Hussain and none other than Junaid Jamshed, are together gearing up for release of a new single named as “Naya Pakistan”. This track will most probably be a patriotic number but the most important thing which is causing the excitement among the music fans is the re-union of these pop giants from the past. All of the musicians mentioned above belonged to Vital Signs and Junoon, two of the most celebrated bands of sub-continent, at one time or the other.

“Naya Pakistan”, which is the talk of the town these days, is currently being recorded at Indus World Music Studio that is run by Shahi Hassan in Karachi. You can check out the musical feel of the song below.

Earlier couple of pictures from the studio were released showing the ex-band mates once again jamming together and having light moments.

All of these guys from the late 80’s have now taken different fields that are still related to music in any way, mostly producing it for the younger generation but the biggest of all the changes has occurred to Junaid Jamshed who has totally shunned music and had started preaching Islam. Now this will be interesting to see that how he comes up in this song, with his outlook totally changed from what it used to be in his musical days.

This can easily be stated as one of the biggest collaborations in the recent past and there is a lot to expect from one of the most musically talented lot of Pakistan.

Earlier, we have also seen Rohail Hyatt, their other band mate, making a thunderous comeback with Coke Studio that totally changed the musical scene of not only Pakistan but the whole of the sub-continent.

This collaboration might not be of that scale but still we can hope to hear some amazing sound and surprises coming out of IMW studio’s pretty soon. Fingers crossed!

Photography by Aania Shah