Is it all about money? (‘Paisay Ki Game’ – Single Review)

February 18, 2013

We, as a human being, always get affected by what is happening around us. And our reactions translate the whole situation around us into some medium of art. They speak about the volume or intensity of the situation which you are feeling inside. Excuse me! I know it’s a bit too serious thing to start of with, for a music review. But this is something to which every one of us can relate to and musicians are no exception to it. Lately it’s been really a trend to release songs that are politically motivated and have a social message in them in a light way.

And ‘Beyghairat Brigade’ is no new to this format, as their debut track “Aaloo Anday” was a massive hit and went viral on internet. This time around they are back with ‘Paisay Ki Game‘ which is getting really popular among masses these days.

Earlier with ‘Aaloo Anday’, Beygairat Brigade came real hard on various burning issues going on at that time which were hard to digest for many and several heads were turned up at their lyrical content. But this time, “Paise Ki game” is a pretty soft acoustic number however the idea behind it is once again very strong, pointing all the ill happenings of our society in a very candid manner, unlike Aaloo Anday.

‘Sub paisay ki game hai’, is a hilarious narration about the power of money in today’s materialistic world with no limitation to just our own society. There have been much talk in the past about the dark side of money in form of illegal bribes and corruption which is engulfing our society but Beygairat Brigade have taken totally a witty route, showing the power of money and how whole of our lives revolve around the pursuit of money with no exception of any class.

Video of the song, directed by Farhan Adeel, is a pretty casual and simplistic one with the band members sitting at a tea stall and also with them is talented Saad Sultan who seems to be the first choice of the bands coming from Lahore these days. Saad strums his guitar almost effortlessly to create a rhythm which plays all along the song in the background.

The singer, Ali Aftaab starts of with the notion that lust for money is a universal phenomenon with no exception of the place, be it London, Lahore, Berlin, Tokyo, Washington or even Jhelum.

Then he turns to our national up-bringing, and points out the various occurrences such as foreign tours, international aid, encroachments over public lands and even measures taken by our rulers in name of sovereignty and safety, all revolving around the undeniable strength of “paisa”.

The good thing about this song is that it just not criticizes the high-ups governing us but even the ordinary person in our society whose first and last desire is to run after money which is pretty much the case when we look around ourselves or even ponder upon our own behavior. Money has driven us all crazy making us forget the values and norm which once used to be part of our society. But may be our world has progressed in such a way that the people are not to be blamed for this blind race because at one point or other, its money which takes us closer to our dreams in reality.

Most of the time, from the outlook, we are made to believe that all this flashing, flaunting and fame is due to money and this is very much the case in our surrounding. Even in our day to day lives, from the day we are born till we die, our every move is to secure more money. And even the element of relationship and love is mostly seen bowing to the lust of money which is a harsh reality of today.

So much so that it won’t be wrong to say that even a group of boys, singing together and serving tea at a road side hotel are eventually running for money because at the end of the day its all “Paise Ki Game”, no matter how ‘Baa’-Ghairat we all are. Good luck to you boys.