Junaid Khan – Keh Do (Single Review)

February 15, 2013

After a long wait and multiple delays, Junaid Khan has finally released his much awaited single “Keh Do“. And this turns out to be officially his first musical project after he parted ways with Call band.

Junaid rose to fame with his rock and real edgy style of singing with Call. They had a pretty successful stint together but like all other bands in the recent times, following the trend, Junaid decided to quit the band last year to mainly focus on his acting career and releasing solo singles around the same time.

Coming back to the recent release, one would have to say that there is nothing notable or special in this song and even from the lyrical point of view, it’s a pretty mediocre track. Except from the tag line “Keh do, Dil mein hai jo” there is simply no life in the song and rest of the track is being sung in a very lethargic tone which is of no match to his previous awesome work. The audio of the song is done by Sami Khan that is why the track sounds more like of his own style of singing rather than Junaid’s. The bass line is being played by one of the musical legends of Pakistani music industry, Brian O’Connell and if he would have appeared in the video, that might have given an extra boost to the song other wise the video of the song is also pretty ordinary one, staring Mehreen Syed who is shown as the love interest of the singer and Junaid himself who appears more like a tamed Rockstar. The video of the song is being done by Zain Khan. There is a bit controversy about this too. Earlier it was revealed that Abdullah Haris will be directing the video of the song but according to Abdullah,

“The Version I directed wasn’t approved so Junaid asked someone else to direct it (the one launched is directed by Zain Khan)”

Considering the track record of him, one can say that the video would have been a lot better and artistic, had it been made by Abdullah.

On the whole ‘Keh do’ is an average love song, talking about expressing love and sharing your feelings with your dear ones. As Junaid himself states:

”One should not be holding their feelings of love towards their loved ones. We should be expressing all positive emotions till we have our loved ones around us; otherwise those emotions become regrets if our loved ones aren’t with us or around us.”

As far as Junaid’s acting career is concerned, that is going pretty smoothly and he is slowly getting some good work and improving with the passage of time. But when it comes to music, if this is the stuff for which Junaid left Call, then he is definitely not doing good with his own legacy. He might be having a feel that Rock music doesn’t sell well in Pakistani music industry. He must be right to some extent but then again even work like “Keh Do” will barely be noticed by his fans.

Hope he comes up with some thing really exciting next time.