Overload Stuns at BNU Bestival 2013 (Concert Pictures)

Since the time 2013 began, Overload has been keeping quite busy with back to back performances at various venues around the country, from IBA Karachi to Islamabad College for Girls [ICG]. On March 8th 2013, Overload performed at yet another interesting event in Lahore – the Beacon House National University [BNU] Bestival 2013, held at BNU’s Tarogill campus. Overload performed various popular numbers including Narray Aah, and Batti as well as a new single Ankahi, from their album. Known as The Loudest Band in Pakistan, Overload lived up to its reputation while performing at BNU, and left students with an unforgettable experience.

Ustad Jaffer Hussain [Clarinet], Faisal Baig [DJ], Farhad Humayun [drums & vocals] and Sheraz Siddiq [Keyboards] got on stage at 10pm facing a revved up audience of students. They kicked off the show with Ankahi followed by the infamous Narray Ah and the sarcastic number Batti which touches on the issue of load shedding. ‘I don’t know about you guys, but where I live, the light goes for 18 hours a day!’ exclaimed Farhad on stage, before starting to sing the song which includes the lyrics ‘Bijlee ayai na ayai, hamara dhol bajai ga’. Nasir Sain [Dhol] and Kala Sain [Dhol] then joined the rest on stage, as Ustad Jaffer Hussain exited. At this point the excited crowd knew they were in for a hard core jam-session-like performance, with Farhad taking centre stage on drums. It was an energy packed collaboration between the Sains, DJ Faisal, Sheraz on keyboards and Farhad, which ultimately led to dancing and clapping by the crowd, with every beat that emanated from the stage. Bringing the performance to a climax, Nasir Sain began rotating with the dhol strapped to him, as Farhad got louder and faster on the drums. The crowd was mesmerised.

In the end Farhad thanked BNU for having Overload perform at their event. “There is so much negativity right now so hats off to you guys for making such events possible”, said Farhad. “You are the face of a progressive Pakistan and the youth is our future”, he ended.