Topi Drama ft. Zinnia Bukhari – Saari Raat Jaga (Single Review)

In present times when every singer and band is focusing more and more on socio-political anthems due to the ongoing situation of the country, it’s very hard to come across some real pop/rock number. But recently an upcoming band, hilariously named as “Topi Drama” have come up with an extraordinary cover of Noori’s “Sari Raat Jaaga” and have garnered much praise from all sorts of audiences.

Topi Drama released their first song “Inquilab”, some time back at the start of this year, songs literal meanings being ‘revolution’. And it was seen getting lot of shares on social networking site. And now it’s the cover of ‘Sari Raat’ that is making rounds on the internet.

This new comer band consists of Sohail Qureshi on lead vocals, Arafat Mazhar on guitars and acclaimed drummer Kenny Zeerick, who is also attached with many leading names of the industry. Also featuring on this track is another new name, Zinnia Bukhari, who starts of the song with her distinctive yet unique and inspiring vocals. And same goes for Sohail Qureshi, who is the lead vocalist of the band. Both of them have their separate parts in the beginning of the song and as it progresses further, the duo can be heard together giving totally a new rendition of the song with a lot of intensity and energy that is the trait of the original song as well. The attitude that is present in the lines “tere ghar ko aag lag jaye” is very well sung by both the singers and really do full justice to the original track.

Saari Raat Jaaga is a typical Noori track with signature beats and tempo. It was part of their album “Peeli Patti aur Raja jani ki Gol Duniya”. But it was only in Coke Studio season 2 that it became a hit. If u hear closely to the version of the song that Noori presented in CS, you would notice that it’s a track rich in backing vocals and that really adds up to the beauty of the song.

And here Topi Drama has done a fairly good job in amplifying that serene effect by introducing a female voice in the form of Zinnia who does a fine job in highlighting the Noori’s rock flavor. Together with some rhythmic beats by Kenny and powerful vocals by Sohail, they have managed to put up an amazing cover with an equally good composition and re-arrangement of the track. And what more to ask for if the original creators of the song appreciates your work with such kind words. Noori’s official Facebook page updated about the cover saying.

“One of the best noori covers we’ve heard so far! Great job Guys!!”

Good luck to you guys! Let’s see what more stuff do they come up with, in future. Cheers!