Zeb and Haniya Performed at Lahore College for Women for a Nobel Cause (Pictures)

Photos Courtesy: Ardentlone Productions

PR – The Pakistani duo, Zeb and Haniya, recently performed at a fundraiser concert at Lahore College for Women, which raised money for impoverished girls to help fund their education in the form of scholarships. Zeb and Haniya believe wholeheartedly in causes such as this as they realize how important it is for women and children to protect their rights and gain proper education for a brighter future.

The Duo performed for the first time in a concert and donated generously for the good will. In 2012, they also performed at the Children’s Literature Festival where they read books to the kids and interacted with them. For Zeb and Haniya, seeing the children’s faces light up and seeing the excitement in their eyes was a reward enough for them. Zeb and Haniya use their musical talent for the greater good and give back to the community as much as they can. They love to perform for fundraisers and charities, as they believe that the cause is just and one should do all one can to help the less fortunate. They are also strong advocates for the rights of women all over the world. Zeb and Haniya have proven that along with immense musical talent, they also have hearts of gold.