Pakistani Version of The Hit TV Show, Glee To Be Launched Soon!

TaanThere is a huge fan following of American television serials, that go on and on for seasons, throughout the world. Even the situation in Pakistan is no different as people are addicted to these serials and one of them is Glee which has got a worldwide fan base mostly because of the musical content it delivers.

But the recent hot news that is creating buzz in the town is the launching of Pakistan’s version of Glee that is going to be titled as Taan. The new series will comprise of 26 episodes that will go on air somewhere around September this year.

Taan will take up the issue of Gay marriages and Extremism along with some all-time hit love songs. Meaning a musical note in Urdu, Taan is said to bring out a lot of tough and un-touched issues that will certainly attract much controversy for the project because of the subject on which it will be based.

It will revolve around the lives of youngsters belonging from Lahore, who attend a music academy, trying to create new harmonies and music, every time they get-together.

The Taan team has licensed around 100 Pakistani songs, all classics that will be re-created in order to cater to both the newer generation and the older ones. The tracks that will be reworked will include the work of various popular artists from the past including the names as big as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan.

Although not politically motivated, as claimed by the producer of the serial Nabeel Sarwar, this is being regarded as quite a debatable project as Mr Nabeel himself explains,

“Nobody wants to have controversy for the sake of controversy, nobody wants to have an assignment to violence, nobody wants to push a button that would result in a disaster for anyone,” he said. “But the truth has to come out somewhere. Where are we going to put a line in the sand and say, ‘Look, this is what we are?’”

But then there are also some expectations attached with this series as it will focus upon some harsh realities in a lighter tone along with a musical touch. People who are working under this project also claim that this project will help counter the viewership of dubbed Turkish drama serials that are taking up all of the air time on the local channels lately.

Even in the recent times, homosexuality is something that has created a lot of debate not only in Pakistan but also around the globe so it will be interesting to see that how the local audiences respond to this taboo subject. This will be the first time that such a topic will be formally introduced to the people here and if it really get pass through the censor board, it is certainly going to create much talk.