Aamir Zaki’s New Album Due Coming Month, Inks A Deal With Stoneage

June 22, 2013

Aamir Zaki's New Album Due Coming Month

Aamir Zaki, the guitar maestro who needs no introduction is once again making a comeback on to the music scene with an album that has been in the production phase for a long time but is expected to finally see the light of the day very soon.

Aamir Zaki is one of those musical prodigies that started playing musical instruments at a very young age because of their true love for music and art. He has given us big hits like ‘Mera Pyaar’ but sadly his musical career as a whole has seen a lot of ups and downs that has disappointed his hard core fans a lot.

His last album was ‘Rough Cut’ that was totally an English album featuring Hadiqa Kiani on the vocals. But unfortunately this album flopped badly for some obvious reason.

But anyhow moving on from the past, the good thing is that Aamir Zaki is once again making a comeback. He has been successful enough to strike a deal with Stoneage which will be sponsoring his upcoming album. For few years Stoneage, a leading clothing brand, has been doing advertising campaign with some top media personalities of the country. Earlier they had Ali Zafar and Iman Ali as their brand ambassadors and now it seems that they are trying to step into musical arena as well by sponsoring Aamir Zaki’s new album that is said to hit the market in the coming month.

Recently we have also seen Aamir Zaki performing at Cornetto music icons where he shared the stage with some other top icons of Pakistan from the past and present era.

But it still remains to be seen that what type of music Mr. Aamir has to offer in this album. Would it be English once again or if he is still interested in Instrumental album? We would only get to know about this once the album actually gets released. Till then we would have to wait and see what this maestro has to offer. Best of Luck to you Sir!

Image courtesy: Fayyaz Ahmed