Zoe Viccaji To Cover Classic Mehdi Hassan Song, ‘Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulayega’

Zoe Viccaji - Jab Koi Pyar Se BulayegaZoe Viccaji is one of those female singers who keeps on churning out tunes every now and then and has made a large fan base over the period of time. This time around she is working on re-doing a classic song from the past. The song that is being covered by her is Mehdi Hassan’s all time classic Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulayega. It is said to be currently in the recording phase.

[ Audio / Video: Check out the single, ‘Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulaye Ga’ performed by Zoe Viccaji and Omran Shafique for the film SEEDLINGS ]

Zoe has been in the industry for some time now. Her first notable performance was at Coke Studio where she appeared as the backing vocalist. Since then there has been no looking back for her and she is seen releasing new stuff quite frequently. Perhaps her biggest break also came in the form of a cover of StringsMera Bichra Yaar. This one song which she covered in collaboration with Strings themselves made Zoe a house hold name and since then she always likes to perform this track at every event where she is present.

So this time she has got her hands on another classic that is regarded as one of the finest musical pieces in the history of Indo-Pak music. Zoe updated about the project saying,

“Recording an old Mehdi Hassan song right now… its Jab Koi Pyar Se Bulayega. Every time I listen to the lyrics they mean more… lovely song”

Zoe seems to be really excited about her upcoming project but one has to mention that it is going to be a tricky situation for her. Covering a song of a maestro as big as Mehdi Hassan sahib is definitely going to be a hard task for her. Also covering such a famous and popular song is risky in a way that its difficult for people to digest it as just a cover song and they can’t stop themselves from relating it to the original track and drawing comparisons.
I hope she is able to do full justice to this everlasting classic and gives us some interesting music to listen. Cheers!