Lilou – ‘Here In Pakistan The Hip Hop Culture Is Something Completely New’ (Exclusive Interview)

LilouRed Bull BC One All Stars Pakistan Workshop officially kicked-off on the 26th of June, 2013 in Islamabad. For the first time two of the world’s best B-Boys ‘Lilou and Pelezinho’ conducted a workshop in Islamabad to explore and experience the B-Boy scene in the capital city of Pakistan. Both Lilou and Pelezinho took this opportunity to teach and share their knowledge about B-Boying with the local B-Boys present at the event.

Couple of days back, both of them were present in Lahore for their next stop-over. So I had a chance to interview them. This is the first of two interviews that I took.

Lilou is a very humble person who can mix up with his fans very easily. He is a practicing Muslim and also a black belt in Kung Fu. His inspirations have been the lives of Michael Jackson, Zidane and Muhammad Ali. Lilou is a master at B-Boy and Hip-Hop art form of dance. Following is a small conversation that I had with Lilou where he shares his experience of being in Pakistan and the overall B-Boy scene.

What were your feelings when you got to know that you are going to visit Pakistan? Were you excited?

I was very excited when I came to know that I am going to Pakistan. It’s a new country for me and totally a new experience too. I have heard a lot about this place so I really wanted to see the atmosphere over here.

How well is this dance form received locally? How do you find yourself to be here?

Here in Pakistan the hip hop culture is something completely new. That’s why I came here very much open minded and didn’t have very high expectations due to the already known fact. But I was very happy to come and see some new guys over here and be somebody the first to come over here and share the knowledge about this whole new concept of b-boy.

What was general vibe that you got from people who attended your workshop in Islamabad?

They were very welcoming and pretty excited to be the part of this creative and energetic workshop. We had an active session over there and gave a hard rock workshop. People over there were very much into it. They really want to learn. We didn’t see somebody really extra ordinary but all of them can make some good moves. Still they need to practice a lot and learn more. I can’t say like that we found the best dancer but it’s exciting to see people showing interest in it.

How would you describe your journey in this unique form of art? Any interesting incidents of your career?

Lilou & PelezinhoI started dancing at a very young age. My first dance move was probably when I was 6-7 years old. But I started it formally when I was 12 years old. At that time, I found some b-boys practicing in my area that gave me some valuable tips in my initial career.

Any message that you want to give to your Pakistani fans who want to pursue this field?

Always believe in yourself and never give up on facing difficulties. Always look up to your friends and family. Be the same and original and keep practicing.

Photo credits: Kohi Marri