Pelezinho – ‘Respect Your Culture Because You Represent Pakistan’ (Exclusive Interview)

PelezinhoPelezinho is the other B-Boy who is visiting Pakistan for the Red Bull BC One All Stars Pakistan Workshop. Pelezinho hails from Brazil and has got a very colorful personality. He specializes in some powerful flips and moves together with having grip on many acrobatic feats.

Here is what Pelezinho has to say about his visit to Pakistan and the overall experience of meeting the local B-Boys.

What were your feelings when you got to know that you are going to visit Pakistan? Were you excited?

Yes, it’s good for me. This is for the first time that I am here in Pakistan. Everybody in Brazil was really amazed and in awe when they got to know that I am going to visit Pakistan. I have the company of my friend Lilou, so really looking forward to spend some exciting time over here for next few days.

How well is this dance form received locally? How do you find yourself to be here?

Yesterday I watched people coming over at our workshop in Islamabad. Not many people know about this concept right now but the situation would definitely get better when the guys over here would have more information about this.

What was general vibe that you got from people who attended your workshop in Islamabad?

It’s pretty good and awesome to see all the people coming over and taking interest. People were very energetic about the whole workshop experience. I and Lilou are here so we are definitely going to pass this art on to the local b-boys present here.

How would you describe your journey in this unique form of art? Any interesting incidents of your career

Lilou & PelezinhoI have been brought up in Brazil and started dancing around 1996. At that time there was no internet and no YouTube. There was no computer in my life so I just used to watch guys showing moves in the street. I took help from my friends who were always there to give me advices. Today I see people having lot of information online about the art of hip hop dancing.

Any message that you want to give to your Pakistani fans who want to pursue this field?

Guys lets go around and fulfill your dreams. You have got the information with you. Let’s go dance if you like and love to do it. Bring forwards new ideas and new moves. Resect your family; respect your culture because you represent Pakistan.

Photo credits: Kohi Marri