Quratulain Balouch (QB) – Uss Paar (Single Review)

Uss Paar

So finally after a long break Quratulain Balouch more commonly known as QB, is back with a new track named as Uss Paar. This single has been produced by Black Box Sounds for Voice of America and is supposed to be the sound track for a 17 series documentary that will go on air.

This song is also special in a way that it marks the return of QB once again in to the musical arena after a deadly car accident that almost took her life few months back. She was hospitalized for some time after which she had been away from her professional activities but this turns out to be her first single after the tragic accident. And one can safely say that she once again makes her presence felt with her powerful voice.

Us Paar is composed by Waqar Ali. May be its once the again the magic of QB and Waqar Ali (composer of Humsafar as well) that has worked out for them. Although this song hasn’t got that much popularity and ‘Uss Paar’ cannot be even compared to the powerful and ground breaking Humsafar but there are few places in the song that one can really relate to Humsafar. Specially the intro base lines and the flute work really gives you a feel of earlier mega hit.

The song and the video was released at the end of last month. The video is shot on a railway station in Pakistan and few other places in America while QB walking along and singing in the memory of the loved ones.

Although I don’t have much idea about the documentary but what it seems from the title is that it will be most probably based on the issues faced by overseas Pakistanis and in that scenario this song fits straight in, as it talks about relationships, distances, and love of the land. Although lyrically it is just a decent track but it’s the effortless and dominant vocals of QB that gives this song a totally new dimension and makes it a treat to listen. The feel and remorse with which QB sings the song is very touching and really moves you on couple of listens.

QB has lived for most of her life in Washington DC and that is pretty evident from her American accent whenever she is giving some interviews but despite all this it is really surprising to see her amazing grip on some pure and hardcore Urdu vocabulary. She has that special ability to touch the higher notes with so much ease that only few in the current music industry can think off.

Uss Paar is a mix of dejection and hope. Although as earlier mentioned, lyrically this could have been a bit better but it all balances out with beautifully written and exceptionally well sung last couple of lines which goes something like, Koi thaa muntazir apna, kisi ke muntazir thay hum…

We hope that we get to hear a lot more stuff from QB on regular basis in coming days. Cheers!