Lilou and Pelezinho Leave A Strong Impression Behind In Karachi

Lilou and Pelezinho - Red Bull BC One All Stars KarachiAfter Islamabad and Lahore, Red Bull BC One All Stars third and final workshop took place on the 30th of June at MAD School in Karachi. Visiting the city for the first time where the biggest B-Boy community resides in the country, Lilou and Pelezinho were delighted to see the large turnout of young B-Boys at the venue. The excitement got even bigger when Lilou and Pelezinho entered the venue and more than 60 B-Boys greeted their idols by cheering and chanting their names.

The workshop kicked-off with Lilou and Pelezinho’s interaction with the B-Boys in order to understand the local B-Boy scene of Karachi better. This was followed by the B-Boys showcasing their B-Boying skills in front of their idols. While they performed, Lilou and Pelezinho gave them feedback and helped them further improve their skills. “There is definitely talent in Karachi. With a little bit of training, these guys can definitely make it big!,” said Lilou. Unlike the previous two workshops in Islamabad and Lahore, the workshop in Karachi was stretched from 4-8pm and was divided into two sessions in order to accommodate the large B-Boy community of Karachi. For five hours straight, 60+ young B-Boys showcased their B-Boying skills, listened carefully to their favourite B-Boy Legends when they gave feedback on their performance and most importantly took this opportunity to gather as much information as possible from Lilou and Pelezinho to further improve their skills.

Lilou and Pelezinho - Red Bull BC One All Stars KarachiThe Red Bull BC One All Stars form a team of internationally renowned dancers. They represent the best of the best in the scene. Each of the seven crew members is an outstanding individual and brings a certain style, skill and move to the group — from hardcore power moves to intricate footwork. Together they will showcase the art of B-Boying, teach and share their knowledge about Hip Hop culture and their incredible art form. Lilou and Pelezinho have been part of the Red Bull BC One, the world’s most important one-on-one B-Boy battle. Pelézinho from Brazil is the master of acrobatic and powerful moves and flips; his style includes elements of capoeira and samba. Cico, from Italy, represents Europe. He’s the “Prince of Power” and holds the world record in 1990’s where he rapidly spins in a one-armed handstand. Lilou, the officiating champion completes the crew; the B-Boy from France with Algerian roots is the only bboy to have won the Red Bull BC One twice. He is the story telling dancer, his funny but polarizing character and style never fail to engage the audience. Their years of experience along with exceptional skills and their humble personalities, entitle them to become ambassadors of their culture. They have proven their mastery and now their main goal is giving back to the community by spreading the message of Hip Hop culture, where being creative, disciplined and respectful are the most important things.

The workshop in Karachi marked the end of Red Bull BC One All Stars Workshop Tour in Pakistan. “Conducting these workshops was definitely a great experience in Pakistan. And we look forward to visiting Pakistan soon, very soon in fact,” said Pelezinho. “We can see the B-Boy scene growing in Pakistan, it’s still young but with more workshops and training, this scene will definitely grow and flourish,” said Lilou.