co-VEN – Not in Your World EP (1997) [Stream Album]

co-VEN - Not in Your World EP (1997)

co-VEN‘s 1997 EP, ‘Not in Your World’ is now available for streaming on soundcloud! This collection made serious waves in the Pakistan underground scene when it came out, containing songs such as ‘Killer Whale’, ‘Fur’, and ‘Morning’.

This set contains 5 sounds, total time: 27.03.

Not in Your World EP Credits:

Vocals: Ali Noor (of Noori fame)

Guitars and lyrics: Hamza Jafri

Bass: Ali Jafri

Additional Rhythm Guitar: Abid Khan

Drums: Sikandar Mufti

Produced/Engineered by Mekaal Hasan at Digital Fidelity Studios, Lahore, Pakistan.

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