Uzair Jaswal – Bolay (Official Music Video)

August 13, 2013

Artist: Uzair Jaswal

Song: Bolay

Jaswal Films in association with NextFrame Studio and Kahani Films presents ‘BOLAY’ – Uzair Jaswal’s fifth music video. You guys may have heard the Coke Studio version of this song, now enjoy the studio version just as much.

“When we thought of doing a prom video the first thing that came into our heads was Back to the Future’s “Enchantment Under The Sea Dance” so in the start we tried to pay homage to one of the best movies ever made.”

– Director’s comment

Bolay Credits:

Starring: Uzair Jaswal, Osman Khalid Butt and Geeti Aara

Audio Production and Sound Engineer: Sarmad Ghafoor

Wardrobe and Stylist: Ehtesham Ansari

Makeup: Hussain Raza

Art Direction: Naveed Sabir

Choreography: Zain Sadiq

Director of Photography: Usman Malkani

Shot on: Red Scarlet with Zeiss and Samyang lenses

Written, Composed and Directed by Yasir Jaswal

Camera Assist: Hamza Ali Abbasi

Wardrobe Asst.: Sharmeen Khan

Line Producer: Waqas Malik

Production Asst.: Chaudary Qasim

Technical Lights and Sound: Bilal Qadri

VFX and Animato: Shafaat Rasool


Drummer: Asfandyar Ahmed

Lead Guitarist: Sarmad Ghafoor

Rhythm Guitarist: Salman Zaidi


Slomo Dancer 1: Amna Mawaz

Slomo Dancer 2: Zakawat Khan

Slomo Dancer 3: Zarghona Babar

Bolay - Uzair Jaswal

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