Project BX – TU Hai (Hamd-e-Bari Taala)

Artist: Project BX

Song: TU Hai (Hamd-e-Bari Taala)

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Recorded/shot/edited in Ramadan 1434 Hijri. Urdu lyrics read by Baber are from ‘Ameer’ and the Urdu rap is written by Xpolymer as the first desi rap as a Hamd.

TU Hai (Hamd-e-Bari Taala) – Audio Credits:

Production Recording: Xpolymer Dar

Daf: Naghmeh Farahmand

TU Hai (Hamd-e-Bari Taala) – Video Credits:

Directed by: Saqib – Rocket Science Studios

Produced/Edit by: Xpolymer DAR

Special Thanks: Ehtesham, Anas Ak, Zoeb, Mahad

Project BX - TU Hai (Hamd-e-Bari Taala)

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