Remember Udekhan? Jawad Kahlown is now a B-Town Actor

August 31, 2013

Jawad KahlownWe already have a history of sending Pakistani and specially Lahori talent to the B-Town, be it, Mohsin Hassan Khan, Salma Agha, Irtiza Rabab aka Meera, Zahida Malik aka Veena Malik, Monalisa aka Sara Loren, Humayun Saeed or Ali Zafar. The road to Bollywood still has a shoulder line from Lahore with Jawad Kahlown as the next across-the-border face.

Yes, the Udeekan fame, who is generally seen with his co-singer Shahzaman Alam has finally made his way to the headlines this year. A dark horse perhaps and this time, not as a singer primarily but as a actor, that too in the lead role…… by using the word “primarily” I mean to assure that we shall get to enjoy his composed and played-back songs as well very soon in the said Indian movie. However, it’s high time to highlight the big news of Bollywood’s next Pakistani face.

JUST MMS is a story of four students who wish to earn an overnight fortune using some real short-cuts. Now where does an MMS come into play is an interesting twist. Does this mean blackmail or an MMS which encapsulates the entire climax? What is that which rotates their master plan to a 180°? JUST MMS is a MUST WATCH.

Another treat that compliments the movie is that we will get to enjoy 3 to 4 tracks by Jawad Kahlown including Seenay Wajj Ja (which is a composition of Shahzaman- Jawad duo and is already completed).

Now you want to know about the cast right? Directed by a South Indian music director tuned film-maker; Kabir Raaz and an M. A. Films production, JUST MMS is Jawad Kahlown’s debut film which also stars big names like Sushmita Sen, Sunny Leone, Sherlin Chopra, Anupam Kher, Aditiya Pancholi, and Muhammad Asif along with some new faces.

The shoot for the movie is scheduled to start very shortly. Three major cities of India are tentative places for the shoot including the metropolitan and B-Town’s capital; Mumbai, the mini European region of India; Goa and the capital itself; New Delhi.

We wish Jawad Kahlown, our next talent in Bollywood, all the very best for his debut movie. Who knows Jawad, who was called to act as a second lead but after the first meeting, is being considered for the main lead, might rise like a big B-Town star.

This time we wish that Bollywood has something new to offer after Ashmit Patel’s MMS, 2011 release Raagini MMS, it’s time for JUST MMS.

This article was written by Fatima Khan.