True Brew Records Score Sarmad Khoosat Film, ‘Manto’ | Soundtrack Features Meesha Shafi

MantoNearly 2 months ago, we reported about a film being made on the life of ‘Manto’. It is said that ‘Manto’ will most probably get released somewhere in the fall this year. And people have become all more hopeful about its release after the news that the music score of the movie is in the studios these days and their team is diligently working on it with some big names on board.

The news is that the much known True Brew RecordsJamal Rahman is working on the music of ‘Manto’ that is going to be directed by Sarmad Khoosat, who also plays the role of lead in the film. The Facebook page of True Brew Records recently updated about this development saying,

“Working on the score, sound design and original sound track for Sarmad Khoosat’s film, Manto. Expect haunting, eerie vibes that’ll keep you up at night. And coffee. Lots of coffee.”

Music Rehearsals for MantoThis status update tells you pretty much about the excitement in the studio regarding this project but at the same time gives you a little bit of indication that what sort of music can you expect from this movie that is most probably going to be a serious one.

Also the official Facebook page of True Brew Records posted couple of pictures from the jam sessions which gives us an insight about the people who are associated with Manto’s musical score.

One of the picture read, “Rehearsing the title track with Danish Khawaja, Babar Khanna, Sarmad Khoosat, Salamat Ali Nazar and Jamal Rahman.” It must be noted here that Babar Khanna is the same guy who plays Tabla/Dholak in Coke Studio.

Meesha Shafi - MantoAnother picture that was uploaded there showed the multi-talented Meesha Shafi recording her vocals for the movie. It is said that her contribution to the music of movie is surely going to move you from inside. The caption said, “Putting down scratch vocal tracks Meesha Shafi. Guaranteed Goosebumps here!”

So now it remains to be seen that when do we get to listen some musical stuff from the studios of True Brew Records and of course Manto.