Mekaal Hasan Band Working On Amir Khusrau’s Kalam For Their Upcoming Album, ‘Andholan’

August 31, 2013

Mekaal Hasan Band working on their new album Andholan

Mekaal Hasan Band is in the completion phase of giving final touches to their 3rd studio album ‘Andholan’. This time around MHB is working on Amir Khusrau’s kalam for their upcoming album that is all set for a release, most probably by the end of this year.

MHB has released 2 studio albums till date, Sampooran and Satpak. Their work is something that always speaks about the volume of their immense talent as a band. They have produced quite a good number of resounding tracks of which the last notable single was the successful ‘Chal Bulleya’.

Good thing is that the lead vocalist of the band, Javed Bashir is also back in the hut after he left the band some time ago due to some misunderstandings. With his return, MHB is certainly there to make a strong comeback with their 3rd album.

Apart from MHB, its front man Mekaal Hasan is also working on an album of a new act, by the name of Poor Rich Boy. The album is being produced by Zain Ahsan.

The fusion of Sufi, classical and pop/rock music makes Mekaal Hasan Band a very sought after entity across the border as well. Resultantly they have a huge fan following over there and visit India quite frequently for shows and other assignments.

Latest is that Mekaal Hasan Band will be playing at the edgy indie festivalNH7 in November/December. Apart from that they will also be performing at another festival in Goa, India late in the year.

Photo Credits: Bilal Sam

Source: Dawn