Noori To Collaborate With Afghan, Indian Musicians | To Perform at goMAD Festival in Ooty, India

August 24, 2013

Noori To Perform at goMAD Festival in Ooty, IndiaNoori is going to be the part of upcoming goMAD festival in Ooty, India that will go on from 25th till 27th of October. This is the festival that features artists from all over the world with diverse musical backgrounds. And this time around, Noori will also be performing at this festival which is held at a very picturesque venue.

According to the website,

goMAD is 3 days of music, arts, dance and camping out in the wilderness of the Nilgiris. It’s an annual music festival dedicated to the most eclectic motley of creative arts. From fusion rock to pop, electronica to metal, from whirling dancers to art installations.”

Pakistani musicians have always got a huge fan-following across the border and this comes as no surprise when goMAD will have the honour of witnessing one of the biggest pop/rock acts from the past decade.

It doesn’t end with this only. There is a lot more happening at Noori’s end.  The brothers, Ali Hamza and Ali Noor, are collaborating with some Afghani musicians on a track that will take them to Kabul for the purpose enabling them to explore more of Afghani music.

Also the band’s idea of building bridges between the nations with the help of music continues when Noori will meet Hari and Sukhmani from India to finalize their collaborative song which is expected to be out soon once the final touches are given to the track.

Unlike the west, the musical collaborations in this part of the world are very rare and it was only recently that Coke Studio introduced a little bit of it to the local audiences on both sides of the border.

While we still eagerly wait for these tracks to be released, Noori have some high expectations from their collaborative ventures.

“First we wanted to break the typecast that we are only here to play one style of music.. In doing so we discovered that the real fun lies in collaboration..”

They are also of the view that music can play a vital role in bringing people from various backgrounds together on one platform.

“..And that eventually led us to realize that true pleasure is when music becomes a tool for bringing people together. It is now that we truly understand and appreciate the universality of music – it’s true power!”

Good luck to you boys!