‘We’re Going To Take It To The Next Level,’ Says Ali Hamza About Noori’s New Album

August 31, 2013

Noori 3rd Album

The band culture has almost come to an end in Pakistan as we see no new names for past few years. But it’s only with the old names that the band music scene is a little bit alive.

One of these old bands are the pioneers Noori, who are once again planning to come up with an album that is going to be their 3rd album in a stint of almost 10 years that has seen the band breaking up numerous times and is eventually left with the two brothers Ali Hamza and Ali Noor.

Noori sprung up on to the music arena with very youth oriented songs that had a pop/rock touch to them. But their appearance at the Coke Studio was a major paradigm shift for them and post CS they were able to explore more genres of music as well. This new album might be a continuation of that evolution. The band has been in the studios working up on their album for quite some time now and they are confident of coming up with something very extraordinary this time around.

“We’re going to take it to the next level,” is what Ali Hamza passionately says about Noori’s new album.

Also interestingly with this album they are not only giving much importance to the audio-visual content of the album, but also looking forward to introduce new and interactive ways to promote their music.

In the past, Noori have introduced V-logs and the concept of live concert CD as well. So we can surely expect something new from Noori’s end with regards to their new album. Hope we get to listen it soon.

Photo Credit: Mohammad Omer

Source: Dawn