Overload celebrates 10th anniversary with JEET (Review)

Overload - JEET

So finally JEET hits the airwaves on the auspicious day of 14th of August as promised by Overload. The song has been released as the part of 10th anniversary celebrations of the band. Overload has always got the knack of coming up with something new and vibrant; and same is the case with this song too.

The song and video basically showcases the journey of the band as an entity, their work over the past decade in the form a short video montage that consists of clips right from Dhamaal till the mega hits such as Neray Aah and Ankahi. Apart from that, it has been recorded live at the Riot studios in Lahore with a very lively touch at the end of the video. It shows all the band members including Sheraz Siddiq, Umair Nadeem and the Punjab Brass band playing their respective instruments and circling Farhad Humayun in the center who plays some very rhythmic drums in the background. Nasir Sain is also there, playing a pretty refined Dhol in his signature style.

Overload has been a percussion based band in past delivering some mind blowing beats. But with the passage of time they have very elegantly evolved in to an amazing all-round band with Farhad taking on the vocals. He once again really impresses with the way he sings some hardcore Urdu lyrics penned by Tahir Shaheer. Farhad Humayun comes from a very learned background and he is certainly not one of those people who landed into this field by chance, but someone who really has passion for the music. And his work really testifies his stature as an artist.

Although the lyrics might be a bit difficult for the younger generation to grasp, but once you get hold of these Urdu verses then you would certainly know how beautifully they cater to all the stages of a life struggle and a hard earned success.

This would certainly be counted as ‘Jeet’ for a band in Pakistan to remain intact for a decade and even in the current low times; they continue to come up with some mega hits every now and then. The road to success has not been a smooth one for Overload and they had to see a lot of ups and downs on the way but they are proud of it. The song signifies their resolve, passion and the instinct to rise above all the odds, setbacks being just the part of the evolution.

Another significant thing about this crisp track is that it has been mastered at the world renowned Abbey Road studios in London and has been done by the legendary Frank Arkwright. Overall the feel of the song is pretty light and inspirational as it sets the band members in a pleasant mood and in close harmony. My favourite verses from the song would definitely be the last couple of lines that really give you hope to move forward and be optimist despite all the negativity.

Manzil Mujhay Khud Pukaaray   [ DESTINY HERSELF CALLS OUT TO ME]
Rasta Takain Rahain     [THE ROAD SEEKS ME OUT]
Mein Jeet Hun     [FOR I AM THE VICTOR]

(English Translation done by Navid Shahzad, who is also Farhad’s mother)