Alien Panda Jury – Sound, Science, Love

Alien Panda Jury - Sound, Science, Love

Artist: Alien Panda Jury

EP: Sound, Science, Love (2013)

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Alien Panda Jury is an experimental solo project by Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey. This EP is a collection of thoughts, dreams, realities and discoveries.


Mixed, produced and mastered by: Alien Panda Jury

Album art by: Samya Arif

“This EP is dedicated to my late uncle Leslie Grey – A wonderful man that made dreams possible at a time when I may not have realized it had already pushed and inspired me to enter a world of making music. I Hope you guys enjoy this as much as I enjoyed putting it together.”

“A very big thank you to “everyone” within the independent & electronic music scene spread across Pakistan, we’re always there for each other which is what makes all of this work!”

This set contains 8 sounds, total time: 28.49.

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