Ali Zafar fans coin a new term ‘AZIANS’

September 2, 2013

Ali Zafar fans coin a new term - AZIANSAli Zafar has very passionate fans all over the world and especially in the subcontinent; they are crazy about his acting and songs. In the past they have requested songs on twitter late at night for him to sing and compared him to Flynn Rider, the Disney hero of Tangled. However that is nothing as compared to what they are up to now.

This constantly increasing popularity among the public has coined a new term ‘AZIANS’ among Ali Zafar’s fans. The hyper enthusiastic fans are calling themselves ‘AZIANS’ which is short for AliZafarIANS. Most of the social media these days is buzzing with AZIANS, it’s a way for them to associate themselves formally with the celebrity and they proudly call themselves this to showcase that they are Ali Zafar Enthusiasts.

Ali Zafar is fortunate to get such passionate fans and such warm love from the public, he has earned it surely.