Co-VEN Hopes To Release New Album Sometime In And Around October


Co-VEN, a rock band from Lahore, is once again making a mini comeback as they plan to start recording some new material most probably by the end of this September.

The new tracks of the album will have Hamza Jafri on lead vocals, Sikandar Mufti on percussions, Sameer Ahmed and Omran Shafique on Guitars.

Co-VEN has been famous in the past for their hard hitting songs that were a direct commentary on the prevailing social issues which even made it controversial at times. According to their front man Hamza Jafri, this time around the material is going to consist of songs that will be both in English and Urdu.

Apart from this, Hamza is also working on an ethnic acoustic album that will have a lot of traditional touch to it, incorporating various eastern classical instruments including Tabla, Sarangi, Sitar, harmonium and the acoustic guitars.

There is a small collaborative work on this album as well, as it features a track jointly produced by Hamza and Taimoor Salahuddin (of Mooroo’s fame) that has been recorded at Mooroo’s studio. The rest of the 4 tracks will be recorded at the Omran Shafique’s newly built recording place.

The new album that will have an ethnic and folkish flavour to it will have the poetry by Hamza Jafri. As far as the content of this album is concerned, Co-VEN is going one step further to write songs about the space exploration, the possibility of other life-forms and the super-natural possessions. The band’s vocalist, Hamza hopes that this album will release this year sometime in and around October.

Source: Dawn