Coke Studio Season 6 Is Going To Hit The Airwaves Very Soon

September 20, 2013

Coke Studio Season 6

Season 6 of Coke Studio is going to hit the airwaves very soon. From all the news that we have gathered about this upcoming season, this year it is certainly expected to add a totally new dimension to this highly rated show that has been making waves for the past 5 years.

Each year Coke Studio gets released in the summers mostly in and around June. But this time around it had to see a delay for some undisclosed reasons. The delay meant that the show is still under covers and no official statement has been made regarding the show from the Coke Studio team. But our sources have revealed to us that this year’s season is going to launch very soon. Earlier there were also some rumours about it getting out in the second week of September but they all proved wrong. Now it’s claimed that it’s all just around the corner.

Moreover the delay might be due to the reason that this year’s Coke Studio is going all international and we have heard about the local artists collaborating with some international ones. Turkish musicians are one of those who seem to be on board for Coke Studio 6.

Also the people working on this year’s season claim that Coke Studio’s current season will set new standards by all means and has undergone a major revamp. They are said to redefine the studio experience with added visual and audio content.

Earlier few months back we also reported about some big wigs from the local scene that will be a part of upcoming season of Coke Studio that all makes it sounds really big this time.

With some huge expectations and a lot of hype that has been created for the season 6, we expect it to hit our TV screens very soon.