Farhad Humayun Confirms Overload’s Releasing A New Album By The End Of This Year

September 2, 2013

Farhad Humayun Confirms Overload's Releasing New Album

Farhad Humayun, the ace drummer turned vocalist, has confirmed through reliable sources that his band Overload will be releasing a new album by the end of this year, most probably in December.

Overload which recently released the hit single ‘Jeet’ is surely having a high time these days. Earlier this year, its front-man Farhad Humayun was also responsible for producing and directing the first season of Pepsi Smash which saw a lot of diverse talent on one platform.

And now once again Overload is in the studios preparing for their next album. But importantly this album is not going to be free. Yes, you will have to pay for it if you really want to listen to it. Farhad released a pretty candid statement few days back throwing light on the situation. He said:

“We, the musicians of Pakistan, work very hard. You all have enjoyed, danced, cried, and got married to our tunes. However, we spend money, time and pour our hearts into making this possible for ourselves and for you. My band and I have decided NEVER to give out our music for free again. I am setting up an iTunes account as well as an online shop. All future and past audio releases can be bought for $1 each from the shop. However, our videos will be available to view for free.”

Apart from this, Overload and Farhad Humayun are also working on resuming ‘Live at the Apartment’. This was the series of live performances that focused on giving some quality music to the fans and that too live from the studios. And this time around they are said to be focusing more on new artists and specially the original content.

We wish Overload the very best of luck for all their future endeavours and hope that they are able to set new trends for the industry.