Mahnoor Baloch in Hollywood Film ‘TORN’

September 20, 2013

Torn is a powerful dramatic journey that invites each of us to confront our own perceptions of the world and one another. Set in a quiet California suburban town. Torn tells the story of two American families drawn together in tragedy and then ripped apart through prejudice and fear. Maryam Munsif, an upper-middle class Pakistani immigrant, and Lea Pelletier, a working-class single mom, form a deep bond after their teenage sons are killed when a gas line ruptures, causing an explosion at a local shopping mall. But when the police find evidence that a bomb caused the explosion, Maryam’s Muslim son becomes the prime suspect, and their relationship and lives are stretched to the breaking point.

Director’s Statement:

Torn is a uniquely American story that explores the underlying fears and prejudice of our post-9/11 world, through the lives of two families. The cast and crew were multi-cultural and the film is an American-Pakistani co-production.

Torn Credits:

Studio: FOG CITY PICTURES presents In association with PERCEPT PRODUCTIONS and OBJECTIVE 49

Starring: Mahnoor Baloch, Dendrie Taylor, Faran Tahir. Sharon Washington, Patrick St. Esprit and John Heard

Directed by Jeremiah Birnbaum

Written by Michael Richter

Screenplay by Michael Richter

Produced by Michael Richter, James Burke and Jeremiah Birnbaum

Executive Producer: Jawad Qureshi

Mahnoor Baloch in Hollywood Film TORN

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