Faraz Anwar Set To Play With The Metal God Max Cavalera In Pakistan!

Faraz Anwar Set To Play With The Metal God Max Cavalera In Pakistan!

Perhaps, one of the most under-rated musicians of Pakistan, Faraz Anwar is all set to perform with the Metal legend Max Cavalera when the latter visits Pakistan for one of its first kind of concert in the country.

This was revealed by the ‘Shor Bazaar Artist Management’ on their official Facebook page that declared the arrival of Max Cavalera to Pakistan. The Shor Bazar Artist management also invited other musicians, both underground and mainstream to come and be a part of this mega event.

And as of now Faraz Anwar has been confirmed who will play with the legend in the big concert. The update said:

“It is our honor and privilege to announce that Faraz Anwar the “Joe Satriani” of Pakistan and the pioneer of Pakistani Metal music is on board to play with the Metal God Max Cavalera in Pakistan!”

Faraz Anwar who has been in the industry since 90’s has never got a mainstream popularity despite his long musical career. Nevertheless, he has his own niche when it comes to the heavy metal and rock music and even locally he has got some really committed and die-hard following.

So this comes as a big news for all his fans and even himself that he will play with such a renowned musician of the world specially keeping in view that apart from his own band Mizraab, he has been a session player with almost every notable act locally in the last 2 decades.

We congratulate Mr. Faraz Anwar on getting such a huge opportunity and we hope that he comes with some marvelous stuff for the concert. We will definitely keep you guys updated with further information regarding this concert for all the metal aspirants to go and attend it.