Geo TV To Launch ‘Pakistan Idol’ – Auditions Will Kick-off Soon

September 13, 2013

Pakistan Idol

“If You have a beautiful voice; you should register for Pakistan Idol is what the newly launched Facebook page says about the upcoming reality show by the name of Pakistan Idol.

Yes you are right! The internationally acclaimed ‘Idol’ series is finally making its way into a nation that has produced some of the most legendary and finest musicians of the region. The successful international franchise will be officially launched in Pakistan by Geo network. Although this might be the first time that ‘Idol’ is happening in Pakistan but this is nothing new for the local folks as it is already running successfully in many other countries, not to forget its most famous spin-offs namely American Idol and Indian Idol that have got a huge viewership in Pakistan as well.

Right now a promo is being run on the television that tells us about the launching of this show very soon. As of now, they have been asking all the aspirant singers to get themselves registered for the auditions.

It should be remembered that Geo TV tried to launch this reality series few years back also. But at that time another TV channel also launched it with a similar title giving rise to some serious controversy that even led both parties to court.

But they are successful enough to once again launch this series that will give the local talent a chance to express their abilities on a huge platform. It is certainly going to be a game changer for any of the music-lover if he is aged between 15 to 30 years and has got what it takes to become a ‘Star’.

If the Facebook page is something to be believed, Pakistan Idol promises you a ticket to the life of a Rockstar, an album and video worth millions and a luxury car.

The auditions of this reality show will kick-off soon. But there remain to be seen couple of really interesting things regarding the show. The most important of all is going to be the judges’ panel. There are some huge names that are making rounds for this prestigious post but nothing has been officially revealed yet.

Also keeping in view the format of the show, the hosts for the show are also something to look forward to as they can play a major role in building the tempo of the show, proving to be a crucial link between the judges, contestants and obviously the audiences too.

Let’s see what big names are being roped in by the producers for the show. We also hope that this show provides us real entertaining stuff all along with some quality music.