Rushk New Line-Up And New Album

Rushk New Line-Up

Sikandar Mufti, a well-known musician and drummer, is these days involved with ‘Rushk‘ that is making a come back after a long hiatus and with a new line-up. Sikandar who plays with a lot of musical acts, was also part of the Coke Studio house band. He also has a long time association with a rock band co-VEN which is also in the studios working on releasing their new album.

Recently Sikandar updated his fans about this new development saying;

“I’m playing with the band called ‘Rushk’ – We are in the process of writing and recording an album that promises edgy lyrics, great grooves and sweet beats.”

Rushk is an adult contemporary band with hints of Rock, Jazz, Dance, Funk and R&B. Earlier in 2006 they released a critically acclaimed album by the title of ‘Sawal’. The band that is now making a comeback has got a pretty interesting line up this time around as it has Ziyyad Gulzar and Uns Mufti on guitars, Ali Jafri (of Noori fame) on bass, Sikandar Mufti on drums and a new addition to the list of female singers, Tara Mahmood on vocals. She first appeared on TV few years back with her role in the famous sitcom Rubber Band and now she is back as the lead vocalist of Rushk, perhaps the only upcoming band with a female vocalist.

Their band is currently in the phase of recording some new material in the studios under the supervision of Omran Shafique who is based in Karachi. Omran himself is very optimistic about the new album of Rushk and has got a lot of expectations from the band. He says,

“They’re friends and its great fun. Its experimental and very good.”

They have uploaded couple of short teasers of their upcoming work that sound pretty refreshing and you can expect some really good stuff from Rushk once complete tracks are being released from their end. Good luck to you Rushk!

Check out the wonderful photographs from their recording sessions, taken by Sarmed Mirza.