Zinda Bhaag Steals The Show Away On Its Premiere – All Set To Hit Cinemas Today!

Zinda Bhaag Steals The Show Away On Its Premiere

A story of three friends; Khaldi, Taambi and Chitta, who come from the middle-lower class of the society and are striving to flee or rather “skip” to Europe. To accomplish this they find out possible ways to fulfill their dreams and make their families proud of them. The film holds immense attraction within due to the Legendary Actor Naseeruddin Shah starring in it. The way a figure narrates a story and makes everyone understands his intentions is well-performed by Naseeruddin who speaks Punjabi throughout the movie. Amna Ilyas stars in the female lead cast and holds a relatively short but strong character as Rubina.

Directed by a Karachi-UK film-making graduate; Meenu Ghaur, and Farjad Nabi and produced by Mazhar Zaidi, Zinda Bhaag is 2013’s next Pakistani flick in the line of “Good” movies to hit the silver screens tonight. With a subtle comedy boost to the Urdu-Punjabi language movie, Farjad has given his best to write all that depicts the culture of such families.

Zinda Bhaag - Premiere in Lahore (12)“Naseeruddin Shah was too enthusiastic when he was told of the character and the plot,” Farjad reveals. The film is a reasonably good attempt to uplift the sinking ship of Lollywood with music composed by Sahir Ali Bagga whose name is his own intro.

“When Sahir contacted Rahat Fateh Ali Khan over the phone and narrated to him the concept behind the Qawali Pata Yaar Da, Rahat became too excited and immediately extended his pleasure and services for Zinda Bhaag,” Nabi adds. Stardom envelope unwinds with big names like Sahir Ali Bagga, Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Abrar ul Haq; who sings the remix of the yesteryears’ Legendary Yaqoob Bulbula’s Pani Da Bulbula, Amanat Ali, Iqra Ali, Saleema and Jabar. Arif Lohar has sung the melodious Paar Channah with a “different sound“ as Nabi calls it. Sahir wanted him to sing in a “base” tone. The film also numbers a Bhangra sung and composed by Bagga himself. The flavor of music is a treat though we may miss a romantic luvvy-duvvy duo in it.

Zinda Bhaag - Premiere in Karachi (5)The Premiere took place on Wednesday in Pakistan’s metropolitan; Karachi and in the cultural hub; Lahore on Thursday evening. Attracting a crowd of more than a four-figure-digit, many known famous from Pakistani showbiz attended the red carpet and the exclusive screening including Zeba Bakhtiar, Samina Peerzada, Yusaf Bashir, Behroz Sabzwari, Faisal Qureshi, Nabeel, Junaid Khan, Amina Sheikh, Azfar, Nadia Jamil, Sarmad Khoosat, Noor-ul-Hassan, Aisha Khan, Sajal Ali, Momal Sheikh, Ainy Jaffri, Samiya Mumtaz and Sarmad Sehbayi along with many others. Sahir Ali Bagga, Yaqoob Atif Bulbula, Arif Lohar and Amanat Ali also graced the premiere in Lahore.

“We had interviewed a huge number of people to finalize these three characters. Naseeruddin Shah had conducted a 6-day workshop to familiarize them with films and acting,” Farjad tells. Additionally the co-director and writer continued and said that the actors were informally made to rehearse for their shots be it by talking to each other, by conversing with people around, traveling on buses or even to the downtown which helped them understand the native language and speaking culture of their culture.

Naseeruddin Shah is already “better than the best” in his character. “To everyone’s surprise, the three debut actors worked so hard that not only their own but they would even remember each other’s dialogues and the crew spoke so high of them by saying that meanwhile we shoot for a sh#t, the actors could finish an entire scene,” Nabi burst into laughter.

Zinda Bhaag is also considered to be nominated for Oscars this year. Who knows, if this gets through, it may become Pakistan’s Oscars Nomination after more or less 50 years in the “Foreign Language” category.

We wish the cast and the crew all the best for their efforts. A treat to watch in cinemas from today, Zinda Bhaag is a Must-Watch and in case if you are someone who really understands Punjabi, the Punjabi and Lahori culture will definitely punch giggle on your face every now and then.

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This article was written by Fatima Khan.