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Ali Azmat


Babu Bhai – My Brother – بابو بھائی

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Ali Azmat is back to Coke Studio this Season with the whimsical ‘Babu Bhai’. Putting the line between art and social commentary up for a show is what the song does – a catchy song that instantly grabs the attention of those listening with its upbeat tune played by the Serbian House Band in Belgrade. It talks of ‘Babu Bhai’, a character known in every society – he who sits on a pedestal for people to reach out for and somehow find some form of stability in a volatile world. In the way that an art form becomes a snapshot of a time in history, ‘Babu Bhai’ marks this moment in the world today. Within the eccentric lyrics and manic composition, one finds a contrast between what is being said and what is being felt and therein lies the irony that true satire creates. A song told through the story of a character, ‘Babu Bhai’ within the world of power and desperation asks for an inward reflection of what it really is that life teaches. A psychedelic bordering on comical feel demonstrated through Western instrumentation but telling the story through the lens of Eastern culture – ‘Babu Bhai’ is the tongue-in-cheek tale of our everyday life.

Lyrics of Babu Bhai


Urdu, Punjabi

بابو بھائی بابو بھائی بننا مجھے سٹار ہے
baabu bhaai baabu bhaai ban na mujhe sṭaar hai
Babu Bhai, I want to be a star!

بابو بھائی بابو بھائی سب کرنے کو تیار ہے
baabu bhaai baabu bhaai sab karne ko tayyaar hai
Babu Bhai, I’m ready to do anything for it!

بابو بھائی بابو بھائی پیسے سے مجھے پیار ہے
baabu bhaai baabu bhaai paise se mujhe pyaar hai
Babu Bhai, I really love money!

بابو بھائی بابو بھائی چلادے جو ہتھیار ہے
baabu bhaai baabu bhaai chalade jo hathyaar hai
Babu Bhai, Fire whatever weapon you have!

بابو بھائی ڈیل کرو
Baabu bhaai deel karo
Babu Bhai, just cut a deal

برانہ تسی فیل کرو
bura nah tussi feel karo
Don’t have any regrets

پھڑے گئے تے اپیل کرو
phaṛe gae te apeel karo
If you get caught, then make an appeal

عوام نوں تسی نہ ذلیل کرو
‘awaam noon tussi nah zaleelkaro
Please don’t play with people’sdignity

پیسہ پھینک، تماشا دیکھ
paisa phenk tamaasha dekh
Toss down money and watch the show

دنیا بکاؤ مال ہے
duniya bikaao maal hai
The world is something up for sale

کون یہاں سوچے ہے
kaun yahaan soche hai
Who here is bothered to think about…

حرام ہے یا حلال ہے
Haraam hai ya halaal hai
What’s prohibited or permitted?

کتابوں میں جو لکھا ہے
kitaabon men jo likkha hai
All the stuff written in books

وہ سب تو بیکار ہے
wuh sab to bekaarhai
Is really of no use

دوستوں سے دشمن کیا برا
doston se dushmankyabura
How much worse is an enemy than a friend?

کرتا جو کھل کے وار ہے
karta jo khul ke waarhai
The enemy,at least, strikes openly

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Ali Azmat - Babu Bhai