Rushk Contributing Music to the Soundtrack to Downward Dog

Downward Dog

Downward Dog, one of the two upcoming movies directed by Jami, is currently under the production phase and we have got to know that the project team is working on the soundtrack of the movie these days.

A promising band, Rushk that is making a comeback after a long hiatus is said to be one of those working on the musical score of the movie. The band that consists of Ziyyad Gulzar and Uns Mufti on guitars, Ali Jafri on bass, and Sikandar Mufti on drums is fronted by a female vocalist Tara Mehmood. The band together with the director Jami is already making progress on the soundtrack of the movie and in this regard they have even recorded a rock song for the upcoming flick making it all more exciting.

Earlier Jami, who is more famous for his music videos and specially his long time association with Strings, roped in the talented duo of Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia for the soundtrack of his other venture Moor that is also slated for release early next year.

And now its Rushk that have done a rock song for Downward Dog. Some time ago, a theatrical trailer of the movie was also released that showed some of the leading artists being part of the cast. The trailer doesn’t tell you much about the movie but shows some intense scenes and an internal tussle between the characters that are shown on-screen. Keeping in view the little that we get from the trailer, the rock song by Rushk is expected to make things a lot more interesting.

We will definitely keep you guys posted about any further development about this project. Keep checking!