Hum Bhaagay – Natasha Humera Ejaz [The Drawing Room Sessions]

Hum Bhaagay – Natasha Humera Ejaz [ Download Audio ]


Natasha Humera Ejaz


Hum Bhaagay

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Natasha Humera Ejaz performing live a brand new song called ‘Hum Bhaagay’ with some brilliant boys in Karachi at ‘The Drawing Room Sessions.’ Like, share, tweet, eat for breakfast! I donno: go crazy!

Hum Bhaagay Credits

Produced and Directed by

Nadir Shehzad Khan

Audio Production by

Daniel Arthur Panjwaneey

Edited by

Ahsen Ali and Nadir Shehzad Khan

Shot by

Salik Abbasi and Nadir Shehzad Khan

Lussun Media and Eckova Productions

Hum Bhaagay - Natasha Humera Ejaz - The Drawing Room Sessions

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