Sandaraa Brings Together Lahore Vocalist Zeb Bangash and Brooklyn Musicians

Zebunnisa Bangash - Sandaraa

Zebunnisa Bangash, more commonly known as Zeb from the famous duo ‘Zeb and Haniya‘ is now leading a new band called ‘Sandaraa‘ that is going to be a cross continental collaboration between the Lahore based singer and some versatile musicians belonging to Brooklyn, a famous area in New York.

Zeb and Haniya who shot to fame with their appearance on Coke Studio couple of seasons back are once again on the sets for the season 6 and Coke Studio recently released their first single from this year’s season in the form of ‘Laili Jaan‘. Earlier Zeb has also given her vocals for an amazing melody ‘Jaise Mile Ajnabee’ which was her solo project for the Bollywood movie. And now she is again gearing up for some musical stuff but this time around with a whole new band that will be fronted by Zeb herself as the lead vocalist.

The pretty faces of SandaraaApart from Zeb, the musicians that belong to Brooklyn include Michael Winograd on clarinet, Eylem Basaldi on violin, Patrick Farrell (accordion), Yoshie Fruchter on guitars, Benjy Fox-Rosen on bass and lastly Richie Barshay on drums.

According to their official Facebook page which was launched recently,

‘Sandaraa explores a vast repertoire of South Asian material (from Balochistan, Afghanistan and beyond,) while blending it with the sounds of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and more.’

Earlier this year, Zeb and Haniya were on a grand tour to United States that saw them touring all across the America and performing with various local artists. This collaboration that resulted in the formation of ‘Sandaraa’ might have occurred as an outcome to those series of concerts that they had in US.

We wish Zeb, the very best of luck for her new collaborative initiative and hope that we get to hear a lot of fused melodies coming out of ‘Sandaraa’ which is going to be led by Zeb! We will definitely let you guys know when this stuff comes out.



Photos credit: Magdalena Hutter