WAAR all set to release in UK cinemas

November 14, 2013


After the successful release of WAAR in the local cinemas, the next big question was about its release worldwide. Till now the team behind WAAR was keeping itself mum about the international screening.

But finally the word is out. Of many countries that will see the release of WAAR, United Kingdom turns out to be the first country to issue approval certificates for the screening of the movie.

Mr Bilal Lashari, the man behind the massive hit has spoken out on this development and shares,

Waar - Bilal Lashari

“WAAR has been approved for release with no cuts. However, it will take 10 to 15 days to release because we are negotiating with distributors.”

An extremely high budget movie from the local perspective, WAAR’s official budget is said to be about 2 million dollars and it has earned a business of around about 1.9 million dollars since its release on EID-UL-AZHA making it a big hit.

The WAAR team is having loads of expectations from the movie’s release in UK, USA and Middle East and this development is surely going to add to the excitement of this project.

Famous Indian film critic, Taran Adarsh also tweeted about this development and posted on his twitter account,

“Pakistani film #WAAR censored with 15 certificates from British Censors on 11 Nov. Passed uncut. Run time: 130 min 22 sec.”

Having said all this, still there have been virtually no hopes for its release across the border and the director of the movie himself seems not very sure if WAAR would ever make it to the Indian cinemas.

As the world-wide release of WAAR nears, it remains to be seen how well it turns out to be internationally specially keeping in view that a lot was put on stake by making almost whole of the movie in English, mainly for the international audiences.

Best of Luck to the team WAAR, the biggest movie ever made in Pakistan!