Bilal Lashari To Remake Maula Jatt

December 15, 2013

Bilal Lashari

“Maula Jatt will be much bigger and better than Waar, and my fans should keep expectations as high as possible, because that’ll motivate me to meet them.” reveals Bilal Lashari who is certainly one of the most sought after media celebrities these days and rightly so.

WAAR that is the talk of the town for the past few months , ventured outside of Pakistan for the very first time as it got released in UAE few days back. Bilal Lashari who is on a trip to emirates these days with the rest of the cast of the film, has finally come up with this big news of announcing his next project that is going to be the re-make of blockbuster movie from the past. Maula Jatt is one of those flicks that still holds the title of being one of the most epic movies ever made in indo-Pak subcontinent.

Maula JattMr Lashari further elaborates regarding his next project,

“My version of Maula Jatt will be a visual epic, with less dialogue and many captivating moments. It will be a dark but stylised take on Pakistan’s original film genre.”

But I personally feel that if he really pursues this idea of a Punjabi movie further, he is definitely taking a big risk of doing a re-make of something that has already been edged in the memories of the audiences from that particular era. And as it is expected to be made in Punjabi then there is a little chance that the youth of today really to connects to it.

Meanwhile Waar 2 has also been announced by Mindworks Media and ARY films, Bilal Lashari is not part of the sequel. He states,

“Waar was something extraordinary for Pakistani cinema and it should just be left alone. Personally Waar 2 would mean staying in my safe zone, and like any concerned artist I would rather challenge myself with every new project. If I took the helm for Waar 2, it would be more like taking one step ahead and five steps backwards.”

Also there is not-so-good news for the WAAR 2 fans as most probably it is going to be directed by Hasan Rana who was earlier the producer for WAAR. Mr Rana was very much criticized for his lack of story writing skills specially in the presence of some extra-ordinary cinematography by Lashari in Waar. If that was not enough, Mr Hassan Rana is now expected to step into the shoes of director for WAAR 2 leaving us in mixed feelings.