It Might Get Glitchy – Time (Candles)

Time (Candles) - It Might Get Glitchy


Natasha Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan


Time (Candles)


Indie Experimental / Electronic

It Might Get Glitchy‘ is a collaborative project by Natasha Humera Ejaz and Rishabh Rajan.

Take a listen to the song below:

“And on New Years, as a resolution to keep making music together (that Rishabh and I may or may not keep, depending on the mood and the month) here’s our latest: Time (Candles)… I saved this little piece of me right up until the last few hours of the year. This song, along with the rest of It Might Get Glitchy’s songs, will be made available for download soon enough.

Until then, may this year bring with it beautiful realisations. Happy New Year – Spread the love!”



Natasha Humera Ejaz


Rishabh Rajan


Mehran Khan

Lyrics of Time (Candles):

So you think you were smart about it
So you thought that you got it right
So you thought that’s what you wanted
So you thought you were shining bright

Did you lie to yourself, did you wonder why?
(There’s no telling anymore)

Sure I’d like to think you’re still standing where I left you
Holdin’ on to my memories and your smile
We’ll have our time again
We’ll have our chance again
We’ll have our time again

Did you lie to yourself, did you wonder why?
(There’s no telling anymore)

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