Shazi Leaves Jal

December 24, 2013

Shazi Leaves Jal

After Farhan Saeed’s exit, many of us thought that now there will be no more disintegration in Jal and the duo of Goher and Shazi will quietly continue to produce music every now and then under the banner of Jal. But last night we all were proved wrong as Shazi, the bass guitarist of JAL, updated his status revealing the big news of him leaving the Jal.

This is definitely all over for Jal and the departure of Shazi from Jal might prove to be the last nail in the coffin, as he himself confesses that “there wasn’t much left behind”.

Shazi who has always maintained a very shy demeanour came up with a very emotional statement as he finally declared his departure from one of the most iconic band and perhaps the most controversial one as well.

Shazi stated,

”Shazi Left What Was Left Behind…
No more with Jal…
Been through good and bad with you.
But bad is rather memorable…
Over and Out.”

Over a course of almost a decade, Jal has seen lots of highs and lows, belting out many popular songs numerous times but has been very unfortunate to go through multiple break-ups.

After so many breakups, now it seems that there has to be something wrong with Goher Mumtaz as he was directly involved in all of the 3 breakups that the band has seen. And after exactly 10 years from the first release of Jal, he is left totally alone.

With Jal’s new video ‘Lao Guitar’ slated for release shortly, it’s pretty much evident that Jal has seen the best of times and now its curtains for the band.

I would really suggest Mr Goher to either induct a fresh powerful voice in his band or officially declare ‘The End’ of the band, rather than sticking with the brand name and damaging the little left glory.