Swaras finally said yes to Bollywood

December 30, 2013


Every band in the world claims to be “different” but Swaras certainly is, they are always about the quality while paying attention to the details and never in a rush to release their work. So far every single of theirs is very experimental in nature especially when it comes to the aspect of world fusion.

Reportedly the band has turned down a few chances to score in Bollywood in the past but finally they found something worthy enough to try out, it is called: “Identity card – Ek Life Line, Guilty Unless Proven Innocent”. A movie in the back drop of Kashmir staring Tia Bajpai (1920 evil returns), Saurabh Shukla and Brijendra Kala and is directed by Rahat Kazmi. It is absolutely pertinent to mention that the movie is not about the conflict of Kashmir but a common person’s struggle in Kashmir as to what they go through and how an identity card is more important than the actual human. Swaras has given the music score for the trailer of this movie. Other than “Identity Card”, the band is also giving out songs to another Bollywood movie. Keep watching this space for more details.

– by Ali Gohar