Yaar Vekho – Sanam Marvi, Coke Studio Season 6 Episode 3

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Sanam Marvi


Yaar Vekho

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Sanam Marvi returns to Coke Studio this Season with the soulfully poignant ‘Yaar Vekho’. Based on the raag Bhopali, the song is a reflection of a moment in time that contains a message that remains as relevant and powerful today as it was in the years it was conceived. The song is an amalgamation of observations by the Sufi poets Sultan Bahu and Sachchal Sarmast – from different times yet with views and themes that have spanned almost 600 years worth of human thought. Thematically, the song focuses on the eternal idea of being within the world but not of it – to aspire for a higher understanding of the concept of Mercy within the various faces and trials of the world. The verses mention that while in the world of custom and ritual, in the search of true freedom and enlightenment, one must look inside and find Mercy. The song’s tone is solemn yet with a tinge of hope that is demonstrated through the instrumentation and arrangement of the String Orchestra and the melancholic beauty of the Piano. With the acoustic guitar feel, the song becomes a listening experience that is almost nostalgic.

The song’s overall flow emphasizes on the simplicity of forlorn thought that accompanies the process of inner realization and hopes for a semblance of peace. Ultimately, the song urges for Resolution to be found within.

Performance Credits

Serbian House Band

Goran Antovic | Piano, Keyboards
Branko Trijic | Guitar – Acoustic and Electric
Dejan Antovic | Bass, Electric Upright
Jovan Satric | Drums


Asad Ahmed


Babar Ali Khanna


Ivana Pavlović


Jaffer Ali Zaidi

String Orchestra

I Violins
Tijana Milosević
Mirjana Nešković
Ksenija Milošević
Jelena Dimitrijević

II Violins
Selena Jakovljević
Jelena Dragnić
Tamara Zivković


Ivana Uzelac
Aleksandra Damjanović


Julijana Marković
Uroš Zikić

Acoustic Upright

Srdjan Djordjević

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Yaar Vekho - Sanam Marvi