Double Standards of the so-called Media Leader

January 9, 2014

Dhoom 3

An event that has been really irking me for the past few days has been the release of Dhoom 3 in Pakistan and the way it’s been publicized by the self-acclaimed media leader of Pakistan, GEO network, like if it’s the best thing happened to the country in recent past.

To start off with I would really like to make it clear that I have absolutely nothing against the release of Indian movies. I believe that our nation already faces some serious drought of entertainment and if something entertains them well and makes them happy no matter where it comes from, it should prevail here, obviously abiding by the necessary rules and regulation in this regard.

Waar highest grossing Pakistani movieBut what has been really infuriating me for the past one week is when I compare the publicity of Dhoom 3 with that of WAAR. I know that Dhoom 3 has been released in Pakistan under Geo Films and WAAR, (the biggest and the most successful Pakistani movie ever made) was produced by their competitor ARY Films. But still we need to have a heart big enough to support our product even without monetary benefits.

I also know that money is very important for the existence but when you proclaim yourself as the most patriotic media group of the country, when your news anchor reigns the airwaves presenting them as the rescuers of the nation with the maximum pain for the nation’s sorrows then what stops you from talking about something so successful and that too made locally; may be Just because they couldn’t strike a deal with you or the content of the movie is slightly against your ideology, you can’t talk about it.

I might have missed it but still being someone who has a close look on TV and yes GEO too, I don’t really remember even a single instant when I saw even the word ‘WAAR’ coming out of any presenter of this news channel whose motives seems to be shady. It irks me all more when I have been seeing Dhoom 3 news stories all over the channel showing it breaking all the records. Surely it must have broken them and it’s good if people are going out to watch it but it shouldn’t have hurt you to appreciate the sheer piece of brilliance by the name of WAAR.

This is certainly commercialism and duplicity at its worst by this leading media camp.

I have been very closely covering all the developments that our film industry is making in the recent past and even the future looks bright with a lot of youngsters stepping into this field. I would really like to suggest the biggest and even the most popular media group of Pakistan to re-consider its aims and ambitions and contribute towards the local industry in a real and productive way.