Club Caramel – Zindagi (KM Single Review)

By Hasan Faridi Club Caramel isn’t an illegal club or a new confectionery treat. It’s an upcoming pop band from Pakistan. So get stuck in! The band mainly consists of Kiran Chaudhry and Adnan Sarwar. But artists and musicians such as Farhan Albert on keyboards and Sameer Ahmed on bass also add to the band, […]

Qayaas – Uss Paar (KM Album Review)

April 11, 2011

By Hasan Faridi “Uss Paar” means “The Other Side”. So take a step into Qayaas’s world. Qayaas are one of Pakistan’s finest rock bands to emerge from the depths. Their main highlights include creating a punch-in-the-face video for “Tanha”, being included in the Metal Asia Compilation and making various radio and TV appearances. Qayaas have […]

Overload – Batti (KM Single Review)

April 1, 2011

By Hasan Faridi The LOUDEST band in Pakistan is back. And making more noise than ever. The famous rock band Overload from Lahore, Pakistan, which formed in 2004, has gradually gained popularity through its diverse and awe-inspiring music ever since the beginning. The group has released two albums, one self-titled, released in 2006, and one […]

Ali Zafar – Jhoom (KM Album Review)

February 16, 2011

By Hasan Faridi It’s not about the King of Pop. It’s all about Pakistan’s Prince of Pop. Ali Zafar first rose to real fame with his first album Huqa Pani (Shisha water?) in 2003, becoming a instant hit ending up selling around 600,000 copies worldwide and winning several major awards and nominations in the process. […]

10 Tips For Pakistani Musicians

February 8, 2011

by Hasan Faridi 1. Promotion In the music industry, if no one knows about you, you cease to exist. So promoting your music is essential for you to be heard. Promoting through the Internet is the best method in Pakistan (See number 2) If you’re lucky enough to land time on television, you can expect […]

International Icons Sing For Flood Relief

November 15, 2010

In July 2010, devastating floods took the majority of Pakistan. These floods affected around 20 million people, mostly by the destruction of property, livelihood and infrastructure, which people are still trying to rebuild. Rebuild Pakistan and their lives. The damage had been caused. Some of the most influential artists in Pakistan, such as Salman Ahmad […]

Qayaas – Pukaar (KM Single Review)

October 26, 2010

By Hasan Faridi Many songs flying through our airwaves today are about love, despair and… more love. Not this one. The song “Pukaar” by the band Qayaas is a song dedicated to those hit by the devastating floods that took the majority of Pakistan in July 2010. The floods affected around 20 million people, mostly […]