Interview with Sajjad Ali (Video)

By Hani Arif Watch Sajjad Ali in an interview and as incomplete as it would’ve been without his singing, he did sing a few lines in his effortless style. The highlight of the interview has to be his wise words especially at the end! “There are also certain things, which you are NOT supposed to […]

Jal: Farhan and Beyond

By Hani Arif We were all sad when we heard that Farhan had quit Jal and decided to go solo. The shock factor remained intact as to why it had happened despite achieving the highest musical representation in Pakistan i.e. getting featured on Coke Studio. Do you ask the reason why we were all sad? […]

Sajid and Zeeshan – Walk on Air (Audio / Video Review)

April 2, 2011

By Hani Arif Sajid and Zeeshan are back. Their album’s slated to be released this month entitled “The Harvest”. The precursor is out and it’s called “Walk on Air” — An uptempo track mixing guitar elements (acoustic/electric) with dance music. News earlier came out of their next album being different in sound than their first. […]

Irtaash – Humnasheen (Song / Video Review)

By Hani Arif Humnasheen in English would translate to be an associate, that’s what your relationship with the song becomes as soon as the first strum, the electric guitar intro is played and the first line is sung, all hinting immediately that the song is a winner. As the song progresses it becomes absolutely certain […]

Sketches – Raat (Song / Video Review)

September 26, 2010

By Hani Arif The vast desert, nomads, acquaintances made that never go further because they vanish in the sands, the colorful souls, people whose physical features and inner selves are sculpted with the winds that blow and the air that is breathed by them. This is Sindh. All of the above is showcased in Sketches […]