The Milestones [KM Classics]

They had been around for quite a while (until their break-up in 1996), and in that time produced some really good numbers; quite a few of which have even raced their way up to the charts. The band didn’t depart from the music scene until they had formed a quality name for themselves. Band Members […]

Some rare recordings of Habib Jalib

Some Poems In His Own Voice Zulmat ko Zia (This is a recording of the first recitation of this masterpiece of defiance by Habib Jalib in public) Quaid-e-Azam Dek Rahe Ho Apna Pakistan Farangi Ka Jo May darban hota Mazaaray Laghaaray Wathan ko Kuch Nahi Khathra Ye Munsif Bhi Tho Qaidi Hain (Epitomizes the current […]

Alamgir on dialysis

February 26, 2009

Alamgir on Dialysis In 2004, Alamgir was diagnosed with polycystic kidneys inherited from his mother. In the initial stage he was advised by the doctor to see a kidney specialist and was put on a special diet and medication. His condition worsened and last August he was rushed to the hospital for immediate surgery to […]

Kalaam-e-Iqbal – Apna Muqaam Paida Kar

January 23, 2009

The album has been produced by Yousuf Salahuddin. It consists of Kalaam-e-Iqbal done by various artists Apna Muqaam Paida Kar: 01 – Humaira Arshad – Lawh Bhi Tu 02 – Ali Raza – Digargun 03 – Shabnam Majeed – La Phir Ik Baar 04 – Jawwad Ahmed – Tu Abhi Rahguzar 05 – Fareeha Parvez […]