Sibti & Spoonful – Badnaam

January 3, 2014

Artist: Sibti & Spoonful Song: Badnaam When the forces of the north wind rose high across the peaks, the lone traveler Sibti, found respite and long term refuge in the grasslands of the Spoons.. It was a kind of magical beginnings and that resulted in their first earth shaking endeavour they ever endeavoured. It was […]

Here’s How We Got Hacked: Thanks to Warid Telecom

In the last two weeks, dozens of high-profile Pakistan-targeted Facebook pages have been hacked, courtesy of Warid Telecom. We have not only lost a dozen pages in general, but also some business pages including KoolMuzone’s Facebook page with nearly 60,000 likes. Not only are we facing financial losses, our brand is being destroyed over the […]

Our Facebook Page Is Hacked (Again)

Ever-since we started this blog, we have had a rather bumpy ride in all possible ways. Mostly because this is a Pakistan-targeted website and unfortunately, these are all the by-products of being part of this market. Our Facebook Page has been taken over again on 11th of April, 2013 around 6 PM in the evening. […]

We Are Now Just a Bit More Pakistani

January 28, 2012

Since the beginning, KoolMuzone has always been about Pakistaniat. We started this blog to change what we thought was wrong with Pakistani music outlets. Our purpose always has been to serve Pakistani content and to provide Pakistani musicians with a platform for them to get heard. It has been a very eventful journey for us […]

Our Facebook Page is Back and This is What Happened

If you’re a regular KoolMuzone reader you probably already know Facebook had disabled our page for over a month. Today, we have been able to bring it back and would like to share what exactly happened to our page. The page went down on 27th of February on a “Trademark infringement” report. Samantha Kumar, the […]

We Would Like to Thank Pepsi Cricket Fantasy

March 22, 2011

If you’re reading this, you probably already know that we have been sponsored by Pepsi for the month of February and March. Our sponsors help us pay our rents and continue serving content to you. As a token of appreciation we would like to share few details about Pepsi Cricket Campaign. Why should you care? […]

Our New Temporary Home on Facebook (Hope So!)

So our page was compromised, hacked and deleted. A loss, that’s going to hurt us till eternity! We are putting as much efforts as we can to restore what we have just lost but it may take a while (if we may actually recover). The Facebook support hasn’t been very welcoming but we are going […]

Where Did We Go? A Message For Our Facebook Fans

February 27, 2011

I’ve been getting a lot of emails since last night about what happened to our Facebook fan page since it’s unavailable to the fans which were around 33,600 till last night. Since day one, we have chosen our fan page to be the tool where we connect with our visitors. That has been the place […]

KoolMuzone wins an award for the ‘Best Music Blog’

May 29, 2010

We, the KoolMuzone team have won an award for running the ‘Best Music Blog of Pakistan’ at ‘Pakistan Blog Awards 2010’ held on friday, the 28th of May. The very first Pakistan’s annual blog awards are organized by Google Pakistan and CIO Pakistan, presented by Nokia and sponsored by Cannon, DELL, Supernet and CommTell Soft […]