Introducing Zzen the Band

January 30, 2009

Keith : Vocals Ali: Bass Salman : Guitar Brian: Guitar Zzen is a Rock/Metal/Prog act out of Toronto, ON. We’re a 4 piece band in search of a solid drummer to fill a void left by many who came and went through the revolving door at that spot. Formed in the summer of 2005, Zzen’s […]

Roxen COPIED Omer Nadeem

Omar Nadeem and Haider used to play for Jal initially. Jal didn’t give any credit to them for their work. They started working with Atif then in his live sessions. After Atif released his album he said goodbye to them. They started two projects then one with Roxen and other was their solo project Sifaar. […]

Updates: Kiran Zamman

Female Producer/Singer/Songwriter Kiran Zamman hails from the depths of Nottingham. With an ear for perfection and thirst for always finding a newer and newer sound, Kiran’s music can be described as a somewhat cross between that thing you can’t quite put your finger on and a pot of musical Knickerbocker glory! Music is at the […]

Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad

A great part of my heart, soul and this site is dedicated to what i refer as “Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad”. Yes, there was a Guns N’ Roses in Hyderabad, Pakistan called “Positive“. Unfortunately we kicked them away. When I listen to the bands currently playing for Pakistan, I don’t see a single band […]