Mauj are all set to release their next video, ‘Mona’

February 5, 2009

Mauj are all set to release their next video, ‘Mona’ Rock band Mauj are on the verge of releasing their latest video ‘Mona‘. And more good news for fans is that their debut album is slated to hit markets later this month. In a quick conversation with Instep Today, Omran Shafique spoke of the concept […]

Ali Azmat live at Bahria University Islamabad

February 5, 2009

According to Ali Azmat’s concerts schedule, he will be performing live at Bahria University, Islamabad on Valentine’s Day (14th of Feburary 09). He has couple of more events to do in Islamabad after that. He will also be playing in Beacon House on 15th of Feburary.

Dawn Images – SOUND CHECK: Pulp diction’

February 1, 2009

SOUND CHECK: Pulp diction Source: Dawn – Images A month ago while being interviewed for a documentary by DawnNews, I spontaneously said something that made the young producer raise an eyebrow. Well informed and conscious about the many rants by yours truly in the 1990s about the utter necessity of mixing politics with popular music, […]

Roxen COPIED Omer Nadeem

Omar Nadeem and Haider used to play for Jal initially. Jal didn’t give any credit to them for their work. They started working with Atif then in his live sessions. After Atif released his album he said goodbye to them. They started two projects then one with Roxen and other was their solo project Sifaar. […]

Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad

A great part of my heart, soul and this site is dedicated to what i refer as “Guns N’ Roses of Hyderabad”. Yes, there was a Guns N’ Roses in Hyderabad, Pakistan called “Positive“. Unfortunately we kicked them away. When I listen to the bands currently playing for Pakistan, I don’t see a single band […]

Dawn Images – Reading into Songs

January 25, 2009

Source: Dawn Images FIRST PERSON: Reading into songs By Halima Mansoor Photography: Waheed Khalid Over a year ago, Co-VEN came out with Volume One and Two (in one edition) and now their third album is almost ready to be released. Untitled as yet, the album is bolder in terms of arrangements, compositions and once released, […]

Tribute to Vital Signs: Abbas Ali khan

January 23, 2009

“Vital Signs” was the best damn thing that happened to Pakistan. Every time I listen to them I realize Junaid Jamshed was the best vocalist we ever had. Extremely talented and creative musicians like Amir Zaki and Rohail Hyatt played for the band and what hurts me the most is that they are gone. It […]